May 1st, 2014



Who are we?

Akıl Oyunları Publishing is the Turkish representative of World Puzzle Federation. Our works are publishing puzzle magazines and books; holding team selections for World Puzzle Championship and World Sudoku Championship; organizing puzzle competitions in schools.

We are publishing three different puzzle magazines:

a) Akıl Oyunları (64 pages): It is being published since 2003. It consists of logic puzzles, news & puzzles from worldwide puzzle events, interviews with well-known puzzlers. It is being contributed by puzzle makers all over the world.
b) Sudoku ve Ötesi (64 pages): It is being published since 2007. Included puzzle types are Sudoku and its variations, Kakuro, Kenken. Also puzzles from online competitions and other Sudoku events.
c) Karala (96 pages): It is being published since 2004. Included puzzle types are Paint By Numbers and its variations.

What is the deal with this blog?

Our magazines are published in Turkish language, but as the puzzles are mostly free from language, we wanted to make the magazines available to puzzlers all over the world by giving the instructions in English. This is the aim of this blog, providing explanations for the puzzles in English.

How will you use this blog?

Contents of each magazine will be posted in the blog. When you click on a puzzle name, it will direct you to a PuzzleWiki page that includes the example and English instructions of that puzzle. This blog will not contain the puzzles that are published in the magazines, it will serve as a guide for the printed magazines.

What are the subscription options?

Each of the three magazines is published every three months, and this happens in a shifted schedule so that there is a magazine published each month. You may select to subscribe to one or more magazines on a yearly basis. Subscription options are:

 Option DetailsPeriodPrice (€)
1 Any one of the three magazines 1 year/4 issues25
2 Any two of the three magazines 1 year/8 issues35
3 All three magazines1 year/12 issues45
*All prices are shipping costs included.

You may also select to purchase one or more magazines at a time. In this case the purchasing options are:

Option Details     Amount   Price (€)
A Single issues (2012)               1 issue6
B Older issues (single)1 issue4
C Older issues (set)4 issues12
D Older issues (set)8 issues20
*Shipping costs vary between 2,00 to 10,00 Euros, depending on the total purchase amount.

How can you subscribe?

If you select to subscribe to magazines on a yearly basis, visit PayPal subscription link below. Specify in the text box which magazine/s you wish to subscribe for.If you select to purchase magazines, visit PayPal purchase link below. Specify in the text box your choice of magazines/ years.
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You can write to us about any questions over subscription/purchasing. Wish everyone happy puzzling!