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Akıl Oyunları books - Puzzles For Beginners

Puzzles For Beginners

Contains 20 types of puzzles and at least 20 puzzles of each type. All puzzles have a difficulty level of Easy and Medium.

    2 Foreword
    5 Contents
    6 About Us
    7 Sudoku
  12 Minesweeper
  17 Battleships
  22 Magic Pyramid
  27 Math Square
  32 Kakuro
  37 ABC Connection
  42 Simple Loop
  47 Products
  52 Futoshiki
  57 Tents
  62 Easy as ABC
  67 Paint by Numbers
  72 Slitherlink
  77 Irregular Sudoku
  82 Capsules
  87 Link-a-Pix
  92 Kenken
  97 Dominoes
102 Skyscrapers
107 Solutions
127 Subscription form

Authors    : Ferhat Çalapkulu, Serkan Yürekli, Deren Çağlayan
Language : Turkish
Size         : 160x240 mm, 128 pages


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