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Akıl Oyunları books - Puzzles For Fans

Puzzles For Fans

Contains ~500 handmade puzzles of some classic types and their variations. The average difficulty of the book is medium.

   3 Foreword
   5 Index
   7 Battleships
   8 Easy As Battleships
 10 Retrograde Battleships
 13 Loopfinder
 19 Mastermind
 25 Easy As ABC
 26 Second Easy As ABC
 28 Irregular Easy As ABC
 31 Thermometers
 37 KenKen
 43 Slitherlink
 44 Slitherlink with bigger clue cells
 46 Slitherlink in hexagonal grid
 49 Magnets
 55 Spiral Galaxies
 61 Skyscrapers
 62 Sum Skyscrapers
 64 Gappy Skyscrapers
 67 Nurikabe
 73 Four Winds
 79 Pentomino Search
 80 Pentomino Fences
 82 Pentomino Dissection
 85 Alternate Corners
 91 Starbattle
 97 Consecutive Sudoku
103 Snake
109 Solutions
126 Akıl Oyunları Books
128 Subscription Form

Authors    : Ferhat Çalapkulu, Gülce Özkütük Yürekli, Kahraman Gündüz, Serkan Yürekli
Language : Turkish
Size         : 160x240 mm, 128 pages


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